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made for Mozilla 1.0

LO-FI Theme for Firefox

This is a Firefox port of gashu's LO-FI theme for Mozilla.
Feel free to provide more or better icons for the rarely displayed ones.

For Firefox Version 2.0

0.9.2 beta
Installation: get the jar or press Install

Thanks to Jackie Patti for figuring out how to re-establish the familiar functionality:
  1. You used to have an X to the far right of your tabs to close the current tab. It's not there anymore. On the other hand, all these other themes I tried had it on every single tab,. which was just too annoying. I'd rather not have it at all than have it on every darned tab. To get it back, go to about:config and set browser.tabs.closeButtons to 3
  2. The theme doesn't do the bit with the new scroller for tabs, which I don't like anyway. To turn that off, go to about:config and set the value for browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to 0
  3. This helps too if the search bar is taking up too much space:

For Firefox Version 1.5

0.9.1 beta
New: installs on Versions 1.5 up to 1.6.
Installation: get the jar or press Install

For Firefox Version 1.0

0.4 alpha
Minor improvements were done in version 0.4.
The Help Browser shows all Buttons as text now.
Installation: get the jar or press Install